WordPress Web Development: 3 Plugins for Site Speed

Plugins play an important role in WordPress Web Development – this blog will highlight a few of the more useful wordpress site speed plugins that we use in our WordPress web development. These are aimed at two culprits of site slow-down: plugins and images.

These are by no means a golden bullet to a faster site – they can provide a very real-world improvement in site speed, but are also picked out for least impact. I’m purposefully leaving aside wordpress site speed plugins like W3 Total Cache. These caching plugins are more pervasive and after a bad experience (and a temporarily dead wordpress site), I want to stay on a more level playing field for those without expert knowledge.

Oh and as a bonus, they are all free.


Wordpress Web Development - Site Speed Plugins - P3

1) P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) – start with this one.

This is a great place to start in the quest for site speed. WordPress web development can get bloated with plugins. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) is a nifty little tool to help you discern which plugins are sinking the boat.

It’ll make you especially aware of how much time those rarely-used plugins use up – perhaps it’s time for a plugin winter clear out?


Wordpress Web Development - Site Speed Plugins - EWWW

2) EWWW Image Optimizer – excellent and easy to use image optimisation.

A really easy and powerful tool to help you chop down image files and the loading times associated with them. The kicker is that you can do a retroactive analysis and fix too – so it’s a win/win. This is a definite for WordPress Web Development on websites that are image intensive, or ecommerce sites with product images.

“In short, if you want people to hang around your site and make a purchase, it has to load in under two seconds. If not, people have no hesitation in jumping ship to another site.”
Albert Costill

Wordpress Web Development - Site Speed Plugins - Header and Footer

3) Header and Footer – a masterstroke of organisation.

Streamline all your analytics codes, header scripts and all the rest into one handy plugin. Header and Footer is a simple plugin with a big impact – eliminate the unnecessary clutter, organise your headers (home and page) and your footers and dump the rest. Very efficient at cutting down time on the site.