It’s a very common question among clients seeking a new website or website upgrade; “how much should I be paying for a website?“. And more often than not they would be met with the response “how long is a piece of string?“. This, in many cases, is a true enough response, especially if you’re going for custom, bespoke built. However, there are certain guidelines and ballparks that can give you a better idea of the investment before you go looking for quotes.

For the purposes of the below guidelines please note that we base this on our own pricing structure here at Right Track Media, which would be reflective of bespoke built WordPress websites.

Bespoke / custom -VS- template? So the major discrepancy in pricing with WordPress websites usually refers to whether the site is being built within a template theme or custom-built within a highly adaptable theme. There is also a further option of having your very own WordPress theme coded and built from scratch, which can add significant €€€’s to the price tag. There are pros and cons to each option. A template website (usually built within a theme that’s not hugely customisable save for maybe colours/fonts/images) can be light on cost if you’re starting out. It is usually very quick to build if you need something up online ASAP. However, as you’ve been given a “template” website there is little control you have over design and there is a hugh likelihood that you could have a very similar website to another, perhaps competing client. A custom built WordPress website is usually built within a “theme” as a starting point but the developer/designer puts a lot more work into coding/designing/building within to create a truly bespoke website for you. You come away with a custom-created website that is on-brand and unique to your business. However, be prepared to invest more than you would in a template website and expect a longer turnover time to achieve these results.

So, what should I be paying? We don’t really offer a template option to our clients at present as we place huge emphasis on branding and custom website creation. We have seen template website prices starting at about €750 ex VAT which can be a good start point if you’re on an very tight budget.

We too used to offer clients the typical response of “how long is a piece of string” to pricing questions, as we preferred to tailor each quote to the individual needs. However, we were finding more and more that it helped prospective clients to even have a ballpark “from” figure so they knew what they were getting into from the get-go. Hey presto! – we created the below pricing table.


So yes, you can  get online for as little as €350 for a Rocking One-Pager (highly recommended for event landing-pages or as placeholder websites while you’re on a tight budget). Following on from this you can see what our prices typically start from through the various levels. Bearing in mind, everything we do is bespoke and additional features can be added or taken away.

Hopefully the above gives you a good ballpark range of what it is to invest in a custom WordPress website for your business. Remember too that there are grants available from your Local Enterprise Office including the Online Trading Voucher where you could claim back up to €2,500 of the overall cost of your website build.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments!


– Team Right Track @RightTrackTweet