‘Sales’ still has a bad rep. We conjure up images of door to door salesmen and store assistants jumping at us the minute we cross the threshold. Online is changing this though.

The world of Inbound Marketing (for more on this concept checkout Inbound pioneers HubSpot) has created an online sales environment that puts the customer in the driving seat. The concept hinges on creating so much value and attraction around your offering that the customer is naturally drawn to you. Valuable content creation and a personable brand is integral to Inbound Marketing and your website should be at the heart of all your efforts. So let’s dive in to how you can create a website that sells with heart and is a graceful marketing tool!

We’ve outlined just a few tips below to create websites that sell with heart and will convert easily as they addd lots of value!

1. Add buckets of personality!

Everyone who know anything about a computer these days can throw up a “website” in minutes. As serious business owners focused on sales, the way we stand out is adding personality to our brand. Take a step away from corporate anonymity and show your customers the face (or faces) of your business. Think pictures of staff and office, copywriting in the first person, quirky personable videos, the ability to contact directly via phone or Skype. Create trust and approachability with your website and you’re sure to convert faster.

2. Invest in a bespoke built website.

Not only is this the BEST way to have full control over your SEO (so you rank higher in Google searches) but it shows your clients you take your business seriously. It’s pretty obvious to any savvy browser (think millenials) if you’ve used a template or free website builder. Apart from an element of anonymity it suggests you don’t care enough about your offering to make the investment in a bespoke built website with unique branding. Show the customer you care and they will care enough to buy!

3. Blog, blog and blog some more!

Please don’t run away scared from this one! One of THE best ways to attracts customers and create websites that sell with heart is to keep it regularly updated with valuable content. By far the easiest and best way to do this is to regularly blog. We’re talking 300-500 words, with some nice images that add value to potential customer’s browsing and buying experience. Try to stick away from pure promotional material. This is not the place for the hard sell. In the spirit of Inbound Marketing you want to think about being the authority and sharing your expertise with prospective customers…for FREE. It costs you nothing but your time and you need to think of this as a marketing investment. Blog suggestions: tips, industry news, product instructions, recipes, suggestions, testimonials, behind-the-scenes of the business (thin personality!), an interview, a guest blog… the list goes on. If you can’t manage once a week, aim for once a month as a start. Think about batch writing and don’t forget to add in keywords relevant to your business. Blogging is SEO gold!

4. Be transparent. 

Many people still think it isn’t the done thing, but consider being fully transparent about your terms, pricing and more. Modern browsers are time poor and have relatively low attention spans. They want what they want at the touch of a button. If you have set pricing, even for some products/services, it’s a good idea to consider listing these online. If your prices vary then state that. Consider giving a “starting from” price instead. To create trust around your business it is also a very good idea to create a refund or money back guarantee policy. It shows the customer you’re willing to stand behind your offering. Transparency is just another way to be personable for websites that sell with heart.

5. Clear testimonials! 

If you’re not already, please ensure you’re getting a testimonial from every satisfied customer! Peppering these throughout the website will create a trustworthy environment for prospective customers. Again, it shows you’re willing to stand behind the value of your product. Testimonials and reviews are one the best selling tools in your Inbound Marketing arsenal and they can be used not only throughout the website but in all your social media interactions and blogs.

Thanks so much for stopping by to check this blog out. Websites that sell with heart are a passion (and speciality) of ours and our goal is to ensure every website we undertake results in a beautiful, personable and approachable sales tool.

If you’ve any questions please drop us a comment or mail to [email protected].

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