The website video production for was a great project to be involved with for a beautiful Irish tourist attraction.

Enniskerry is a tourist town near Dublin that really leant itself towards website video production. It turned out to be a very interesting mix of local businesses, that used a collaborative funding model to finance the short promotional website video for their town.

Located just 30 minutes south of Dublin City, Enniskerry is the gateway to Wicklow, The Garden of Ireland.
Widely regarded as one of Ireland’s most charming villages, Enniskerry is a wonderful place to visit, live and work in.

If you’ve never been, Enniskerry is a model Irish village with a natural wealth of surrounding walks and historic buildings to show off. It was this blend of things to do that powered the idea behind the video. Take a look above and you’ll see what we mean.

Capturing all the businesses was the most difficult aspect of the video production dublin project. Considering the length of time each business is given on the final website video, the logistics of pinning each owner down to a segment of time, across a couple of days of shooting, was a tough one.

Enniskerry has so much to offer that we decided to try to capture some of it on video to share with you. Thanks to some fantastic work by Sara, Tom and their brilliant team… – the Enniskerry Forum

The video launched back in 2012 and it has steadily been collecting views across Youtube, Vimeo and the website itself. Check it out!