Video Production Branding: A Checklist

Are you looking to get a promotional video shot? Have you thought about video production branding and how you’re going to achieve it?

Have a read through this checklist to make sure you have the basics covered.


1) Front and back end branding.

Let’s kick off with the most important of all; the bookends of the video. These are the video production branding goldmine that gives you the most space to make a statement about who you are.

The classic approach is to have a short logo at the front end, between 2 and 5 seconds of time. Then the same again at the back end, but longer and delayed so that the prospective customer has the time to make a note of contact details. Don’t rest easy on thinking that they’ll hit pause or scroll back to the information – youtube, vimeo and the rest are geared towards agitating the next click. When you finish a youtube video, you’re greeted with a wall of related content. So choose your closing message wisely. Take a look at our showreel video below for an example.

2) Call to Action

This is the one that a lot of videos miss. The front and back end branding is all there is? Wrong. You have to have a call to action somewhere in the video. This could be:

  • Click to your website
  • Click to a landing page
  • Click to a social channel
  • Click to another video on your channel
  • or anything else to keep the customer journey moving

How to design this call to action is an art unto itself. Be careful about overloading the watcher. It’s easily done and the reaction is a swift dismissal of the video. If you have the time and inclination, try assessing your youtube analytics – keep note of your CTA timing and see what the correlation with fall off versus click is.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ”
Walt Disney Company

3) Motion Logos

Tricky to do, but well worth the time. And not just a slow zoom in. We recommend looking into getting your logo designed for motion and once you have it done, you should have a handy file that you can prop at the beginning and end of any video production branding you make.

4) Contact Details

These should form part of the back end branding – again, have a look at the video above as an example.

Have these covering all your bases – physical, phone, email and social. Make them clickable.


The best way to move forward with your ideas is to watch other promotional videos. Scout out your competition. Take notes. Be sure about what you want. A strong promotional video branding approach could stand you in great stead for a confident and assured promotional video platform for your business.