We’ll see you guys in Cork. Blacknight SME Awards 2015, here we come!

Are we on the Right Track? Are you?

Our aim for Right Track Media was to give clients affordable options to manage their own social media and online presence. And all of this without having to fork our large monthly retainers to outsourced managers.

This year, through effectively rebranding the business and focusing down to 3 core services we have already increased our business by about 80%.

The rebranding of image and name to move away from Cautious Train Media (not terribly positive or inspiring) to get people onto the Right Track was a leap of faith, but has really pulled our vision together.

 Our Company Transformation, in a nutshell:

  • Focus on 3 core services that we knew would make us specialists, not generalists.

  • A revamp of our sales funnel and implementation of a CRM system.

  • Goal setting! Your business plan should be updated and should reflect you, your business and your goals for 1-5 years. It should not simply exist for a funding application.

  • Never drop the focus on sales. Concentrate on inbound marketing and networking. If you work for yourself, you’ll notice immediately when you drop the ball here.

  • Find a sacred space for work only and don’t blend your work and home life too much.

  • Credit, of course. We have been lucky in that we can work from home and don’t need to employ staff. But a little financial helping hand would have gone a long way to updating equipment, covering the cost of a new car and upping our marketing budget.

  • Ironically, the busier we get, it’s become a real challenge to manage time and balance work/life.



What next?

We plan to increase our market share with wider and more regular networking, increasing our budget for Facebook ads and Google AdWords campaigns as well as a more concerted effort to release consistent and relevant information via social media and email campaigns.

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