Adding CSS to your blog #0: CSS in WordPress

This "CSS in Wordpress" series has been written by our awesome CSS and coding maestro, Brian. Thanks Brian! So these tutorials should be useful if you're building a website from scratch, but if you're [...]

Online Trading Voucher Dun Laoghaire Rathdown

BUSINESSES OF Dun Laoghaire Rathdown!  We’re 99.9% sure that you would like €2,500 TOWARDS THE COST OF A NEW WEBSITE. There is an online trading voucher deadline coming up for you soon. Read on… […]

Online Trading Voucher Wicklow

Businesses of Wicklow!  Would you like €2,500 towards the cost of a new website? Read on about the next upcoming Online Trading Voucher deadline. […]

Grow Your Business Online | FREE Training

On March 30th, in an exciting day of talks in the beautiful surroundings of Airfield House Dundrum, you’ll learn how to Grow Your Business Online! In this free training, you’ll find out how to stand out with your website, create awesome content, brand your business effectively and generally expand and grow your business online and beyond. […]

5 Favourite Dublin Cafes | Part 3

Welcome back to our new blog series on all things #Dublin! We’re dishing out the deets on 5 more of our favourite Dublin Cafes. Keep an eye out on the blog for more faves (restaurants, bars, markets, museums etc.) coming up! We promise to keep it interesting. Sorry for the delay in Part 3…we’ve been busy trying new cafes 😉 Keep reading for this week’s 5 Dublin Cafes that rock our socks! […]

Online Trading Voucher Scheme | Have You Applied?

Amazingly, we read an article today in the Irish Times that claimed the vast majority of Irish SME’s are still not aware of the technology and business grants available to them today. One such grant is the extremely valuable Online Trading Voucher scheme from the Local Enterprise Offices. This online trading voucher scheme is in place to assist small to medium enterprises in Ireland to develop their e-commerce websites and create a digital strategy for their business. Or, in the words of the LEO’s themselves the scheme exists “…to support small Irish businesses to enhance their online trading presence. The objective of the scheme is to help small businesses grow their sales, exports and ultimately jobs.” […]

5 Favourite Dublin Cafes | Part 2

Welcome back to our new blog series on all things #Dublin! We're dishing out the deets on 5 more of our favourite Dublin Cafes. Keep an eye out on the blog for more faves (restaurants, [...]

5 Social Media Marketing Tips | Part 2

Welcome back to our new blog series where we’re dishing on some of our closely guarded Social Media Marketing tips.  Why are we giving out these tips for nothing? Because we want to see your business grow the way ours has using some of these simple to follow steps. These blogs will have a focus on using social media marketing with zero to micro budgets for those of you getting started! Keep reading for the deets… […]

5 Ecommerce website tips | Part 1 | Products

This is a new blog series talking about ecommerce website ideas, tips and quick tricks to help you sell online. Ecommerce website traffic is booming in Ireland, particularly with the Online Trading Vouchers enabling businesses to make a big saving on the project (click here for more info on online trading vouchers). So we wanted to jump in and give a few quick tips to on how to improve your existing ecommerce website, or points to bear in mind if you’re about to set out on the grand adventure of selling online. […]

Online Trading Vouchers 2016 Deadlines | Part 4

A new year means new chances to apply for a grant of up to €2,500 from the Online Trading Vouchers from your Local Enterprise Office. If you’re looking to get serious with your online presence, this is a clever investment in halving the costs of your next digital project. If you need a recap on How To Apply for the Online Trading Vouchers please click here for a previous blog. In our final part of this particular series for upcoming Online Trading Vouchers deadlines we’re finishing up in the West with the remaining Local Enterprise offices.  […]

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