Welcome to the Spark. Short daily blogs with musings, experiences, tips, links or general knowledge to help #IgniteYourSpark.

holistic-business-retreat-sparkWelcome to Day 9 of The Spark. This will be a regular journal, so to speak, from the world of SparkHub. We will bring to you in-house and guest blogs that cover a wide range of topics, tips, tricks, daily experiences or just a thought-provoking idea to help #IgniteYourSpark.

Today’s Spark is brought to you by SparkHub founder and chief igniter, Sara.


Soooo…the unthinkable happened. I went 4 whole days without posting a single blog on a daily blog series. Whoops. My first, and very “high-school” instinct is to make up some BS about being sick slash my daughter being sick slash spraining my “typing hand” slash “my dog ate the laptop”. You get it. The truth is, I didn’t much feel like putting virtual pen to paper. I’ve been pretty open and a little vulnerable in a few of these blogs. Outside of my nearest and dearest, this is a very new thing for me. I think I was a little burnt out and felt major pressure to keep up with the self-inflicted “daily” aspect of this blog.

I did mention I don’t do very well with consistency, right. It’s why I set myself this challenge. After 7 days of consistently posting I think 2 things happened; 1) I tricked myself into thinking that made me, like, super consistent so I could take a little break and 2) I was feeling major (self-inflicted) pressure to have something world-changing to post. Every. Damn. Day. Apart from the fact that I don’t think any of my posts will be “world-changers” this feeling was going against everything I had set out to do with this blog.

Yes, I created it as a consistency challenge for myself. However, the other main driver was to bring any reader small tidbits of info, musings, tips and general wanderings that I thought might change someone’s day, or days to come, for the better. Feeling pressured just to get-something-out-there-everyday certainly doesn’t make for inspiring content.

So, without further ado, welcome to the Spark (see what I did there, no more “daily”). A series of short, journal-like posts that will bring you (hopefully) interesting content as and when the mood/inspiration/need/timing strikes. One promise; it may not be daily, but it will be consistent.

Just another Manic-Monday.

Sara x