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Welcome to Day 7 of the Daily Spark. This will be a daily journal, so to speak, from the world of SparkHub. We will bring to you in-house and guest blogs that cover a wide range of topics, tips, tricks, daily experiences or just a thought-provoking idea to help #IgniteYourSpark.

Today’s Spark is brought to you by SparkHub founder and chief igniter, Sara.

Happy Spring! Or Imbolc as it’s known in Celtic lands.

I must confess I don’t know a great deal of Irish or Celtic mythology, but I have always personally found this time of year to be incredibly fruitful. I realise “fruitful” would be more in keeping with harvest, or Autumn time, but I feel very productive at the start of Spring. The lengthening light of the day, the blooming of daffodils and crocuses, the slight hint of warmth in the air.

I’ve been reading loads about how this is a fabulous time of year for sowing seeds (literally and metaphorically) and new beginnings.



Consider this a good time to do a little ritual for yourself. Traditionally in Ireland we would make Brigid’s Crosses to honour and invoke St Brigid, but a ritual can be as personal as you like. This would be the perfect time of year for a Spring clean. However, if you don’t want to go that big just consider purging some things that no longer serve you. Check out Marie Kondo’s advice on decluttering. Again, if this is too much just take a long hot bath and visualise washing away Winter and brightening up for Spring!


Other things this time of year is good for:

  • Setting goals
  • Financial planning
  • Deep house clean
  • Diet / juice cleanse
  • Haircut
  • Garden clear out and seed sowing…

You get the idea. Fresh starts!

Bask in the expanding light, friends.

Sara x