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Welcome to Day 9 of The Spark. This will be a regular journal, so to speak, from the world of SparkHub. We will bring to you in-house and guest blogs that cover a wide range of topics, tips, tricks, daily experiences or just a thought-provoking idea to help #IgniteYourSpark.

Today’s Spark is brought to you by SparkHub founder and chief igniter, Sara.

Today I did something kinda weird at the fuel pump. As I filled up I closed my eyes and counted to 20. I was doing something a dear friend had suggested some time ago but that I haven’t been doing nearly enough of. She put forward the idea that it takes at least 15-17 seconds for something to drop into our system. So that’s 15 seconds, at least, of pause for us to really feel the feeling we’re trying to feel.

What, pray tell, was the feeling I was so trying to feel at the fuel pump? Gratitude. I realise I’d been practising gratitude all wrong until I learned this little trick. In the not so distant past a trip to the petrol (gas, hello Americans!) station would have carried no uncertain amount of anxiety, fumbling for change and topping up by the bare minimum. Today I had to take my 20 seconds  (and before I get sued by Topaz I DON’T recommend you close you’re eyes while pumping fuel) to fully feel the appreciation for filling up my car with a sense of ease and deep gratitude for all it serves me with.

Give this a go. I promise, it will change things. There is a hugely popular movement towards gratitude practices at present, and it think that’s only brilliant. But sometimes it can become fatiguing to “state 3 things you’re grateful for today”. It’s a wonderful start. Don’t get me wrong. But if you’ve been feeling frustrated and as though you’ve been going-through-the-motions, rather take one thing per day you’re profoundly grateful for, instead of hurriedly writing down three, and immerse yourself in that one feeling for at least 15 seconds. Let me know how you get on. I will too, gotta practice what we preach after all.


Sara x

P.s. If you wanna indulge yourself in some more of my beautiful friend’s innate wisdom, mindfulness insights or coaching practice then please check out more about Lydia here. 

P.p.s. I’m a big fan of the environment and I am acutely aware being deeply grateful for fossil fuels is slightly contradictory. But baby steps, peeps. A hybrid/Tesla IS in my future. 😉