There are a lot of clients who come to Right Track Media and have a very firm idea on front page design. Particularly with Sliders or Static images.

This is fantastic for us as it means we can design straight to spec for them. However, we do help a lot of clients from the ground up with their ideas and we’ve changed our advice over time on this issue.

We used to say slider slider slider, why would you not have your services up there on a rotating canvas? You can click each one, tailor the images and CTAs (call to actions) to display a wide range of what you do. What’s not to love?

Well, actually there’s a few things not to love. Because of the speed of the modern user, sliders have fallen out of fashion. It is a rare website visitor who stays on your slider to watch it scroll. If you are chasing a single website goal, let’s say signup to your newsletter, then a slider might be diluting the impact. At worst, it is ignored and builds distrust as a lot of visitors would see the sliders as advertisements.

The direct alternative is the “hero” image with a clear CTA. This doesn’t contain the same variety or depth of information that a slider has, but it will have a single static route of engagement.

There’s a good article here on Orbit Media about this issue and struggling with the disappointing results from their slider research.

To save you a click; there is a massive fall off after the first slider… and it depends on what your website is there for and how you design that space.

This is a great question to ask yourself and certainly one of the first questions I ask of a new client. Can you boil down what your website should do? Generate signups? Sell products? Explain your products?

This question must be considered before you build or rethink your website.

Cheers and happy sliding, or not.

– Tom @RightTrackTom