The Blacknight SME Awards are held in Cork at the end of April 2015. We’re gunning for the Company Transformation award!

So what makes a company transform?

The Blacknight SME Awards 2015 have a grand selection of categories to fall into, but here at Right Track Media, we wanted to stamp a claim on Company Transformation. It’s been a whirlwind few months.

If you’ve dropped onto the blog here to find out more about us, then great! That’s what The Road to the Blacknight SME Awards series is all about.

We founded our startup digital media company in Mid 2012 with not a penny in our pockets but a dream in our hearts to be our own bosses and make (even small) waves in the Irish Digital Landscape. Many lessons and failures led us to 2015 where we re-branded to the more positive Right Track Media and business is better than ever.

A Quick Timeline

-Summer 2012 launched successful promo video for

-November 2012 won substantial retainer contract with beauty distribution company (social media management)

-2013 achieved following over 2000 on Pinterest (more than most large or small Irish business)

-2014 completed work on highly praised

-2015 re branded Won several social media and web design contracts. Looking to a very busy 2015!




The Road to Ruin the Blacknight SME Awards 2015 – lessons learned, over and over.

We self funded (not by much) from the very start and now our business pays for itself. We had a small grant from the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance in the beginning but built the business to function without borrowing. It works for now, but we’re aware it could change.

Are you in a similar boat with a business launch? If we were to pin up a few bits of advice then they would be:

  • Failure is ok. You need to embrace it, learn from it and try your best not to be beaten by it. We aren’t in company transformation because it all clicked into place on the first go.
  • You don’t need massive, or much at all, start up capital these days. Fudge the banks. With social media, regular networking and hard work you should be able to make yourselves from virtually nothing.
  • Get your business plan in place asap. And do it for you and your business growth and not for any bank or financier. It’s the framework and goal setting for your business.
  • Put systems in place for bookkeeping and CRM asap. They’ll keep your eye on the prize.

There will be more from us on “The Road to the Blacknight SME Awards” in the coming weeks. If you want to get in touch, then either connect through our social channels, fire off an email, or send a smoke signal.

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