It’s time for that new website for your business but you’re not exactly sure where to start, how much it’s going to cost and what is involved. We’ve compiled a blog series, each covering 5 of the most important questions to ask a web design company before starting any new website project.

Starting or redesigning a new website from scratch is daunting, and we get that!

If you’re struggling at the very first hurdle then we’re here to help by outlining 5 more important questions you should ask any web designer before they start work on your new website. If you missed part one in this series then click here!

1. What does the web design company’s portfolio of work look like?

You can’t exactly “try before you buy” with your new website but you can get a good idea of your website designer’s quality and credentials by viewing their previous work. If this is unavailable or of poor quality, run for the hills! You should also be paying close attention to their testimonials.

2. Will my website be from a template design or bespoke built?

This will largely be based on the cost of your new website. Some of you may be on a budget and therefore a template option can be useful as a starter website. However, most businesses will want a bespoke built website that reflects their business and branding and differentiates them from the competition. It is important to check in advance with your designer whether the website will be from template or customised. Many WordPress designers will operate within ‘themes’, but in most cases these are fully customisable so you can still achieve a bespoke built website.

3. Does the web design company offer any domain name or hosting options?

This is useful if you don’t want to shop around for all the different elements to create your new website. Some companies aw purely design and development and you will have to set up your domain name and hosting separately. However some do offer the whole package and it’s a good idea to check in advance what the situation is.

4. Will the company source stock images for my website and is this included in the quote?

Oftentimes you will have your own images to bring to a new website project. If you don’t or your industry is suited to the use of stock images, ask your web designer in advance if they will source these for you and is it included in the overall price. Don’t leave yourself open to any hidden charges!

5. How many revisions are allowed?

In our experience it is standard practice to allow for one round of big revisions at draft stage of a new website. However, you will need to clarify this in advance as some web design companies may not include revisions in their quote and you want to know about this up front. It is uncommon but not unheard of to be charged at revision stage!



So there you have 5 more questions you should be asking before you hire any web design company to develop or redesign your new website. We’ll be back to you with 5 more really soon so you’ll be fully prepared for this new venture!