Is it time for a new website for your business? Not exactly sure where to start, how much it’s going to cost and what is involved? Keep reading on for 5 of the most important questions to ask a web design company before starting any new website project.

We get it, we’re with you. Starting from scratch with a new website or taking the plunge to redesign an old one can be daunting. If the concept is totally alien to you or you just don’t know where to start, we’re here to help by outlining the 5 most important questions you should ask any web designer before they start work on your new website.

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1. Can the web design company clearly outline the full project cost and payment structure (deposit, payment stages etc.)?

This should be one of the first points of clarification when starting any new website project. A quote from any reputable web design company should include the full project cost and the payment plan in place for such. A new website is a significant investment and you should have all the financial information up front before signing off on anything.

2. What exactly is included in the proposed package?

It is vital that your quote for a new website build should include a full breakdown of what exactly will be covered in the package you pay for. If anything is unclear or too much “tech jargon” is used you need to address this with the web design company before you move ahead. You need to know exactly how much bang for your buck you will be getting!

3. Can the web design company give me a realistic timeframe for completion as well as milestones?

Of course every project is different, with varying time spans. However, any experienced web design company should have no problem in giving you a good estimate on a realistic completion date for your new website. This should also include milestones along the way such as weekly reports, first draft etc. There are always variables and you will have to be responsive along the way with your designer for any content they require from you.

4. Do you offer any after care in this package and if so, for how long?

Many web design companies include a period of “after-care” or maintenance in their new website packages (we include 1 month free maintenance!). This is a great chance to sort out any snag list items with your new website without having to fork out the extra cash straight away. It’s a good idea to find out up front what you’ll get as part of the deal and also what their maintenance options and prices are going forward. If you’re looking for more info on website maintenance click here!

5. Can I edit this website myself?

In this day and age many of us have a little bit of tech savvy. If you know how to operate a Word Document or upload a Facebook post, there will be some basics you should be able to edit on your new website. Especially if it’s built in the super user-friendly WordPress Content Management System (as all ours are ☺). This could save you some money in the long-run without having to shell out an hourly fee every time you want to upload a picture or add a piece of text. It’s not for everyone but something you should know before going forward.

So there you have the first 5 questions you should be asking before you hire any web design company to develop or redesign your new website. We’ll be back to you with 5 more really soon so you’ll be fully prepared for this new venture!

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