The Online Trading Voucher Scheme has recently handed out the 1000th voucher. What are the results so far?

Have you secured your online trading voucher yet? It’s always difficult to measure the success of a scheme like this, but a recent survey of the businesses who have availed of the scheme have some brilliant numbers.

Let’s take a look at three key results:

1) 85% saw an increase in customer inquiries

This is the very core of what the Online Trading Voucher is about. Claiming your portion of the online space and directing new customer inquiries in your direction. There are a range of options available within the online trading voucher scheme, but you have to know what kind of projects are possible:

Vouchers can be used for:

  • development or upgrade of an e-commerce website
  • Internet related software
  • online advertising – a Google AdWords campaign, for example
  • development of an app
  • implementation of a digital marketing strategy – this is a big grey area and has to be discussed with your Local Enterprise Office.
  • consultation with ICT experts
  • training/skills development specifically to establish and manage an online trading activity

Vouchers cannot be used for:

  • Developing a brochure website, or expanding your existing one without ecommerce being an aspect
  • Purchase of non-internet related software
  • Anything other than online trading related activity

2) 71% expected to recruit new staff to cope with new business

The Online Trading Voucher is driving Irish business forward!

There is a harsh reality for job creation in Ireland – we have to supply it ourselves and as Small to Medium Business Owners, we can drive that change.

Is your business compatible with the scheme? You must check ALL of the below.

  • You have less than 10 employees
  • Business turnover less than €2million
  • Scheme applicants must be registered with their LEO
  • The company has been trading for minimum of 12 months.

Note: ineligible projects include those with charitable status, commercial semi-state companies, ‘’not for profit’’ organisations, trade associations and company representation bodies such as Chambers of Commerce.

3) 80% said the competitive application process helped them in business strategy planning

Here are a couple of blog posts that we put together to help you get acquainted with the process:

1) Online Trading Voucher Scheme: How to apply

2) Online Trading Voucher Scheme: Understanding the Quote System

These should give you a head start.

There are a number of steps to the process, but the very first step in application is to register for one of the upcoming Online Trading Voucher Seminars. Follow this link to your Local Enterprise Office.

Good Luck!