How to use WordPress: Adding a PDF download

This short “How To Use WordPress” wordpress web development tutorial will guide you through Adding a PDF download in 4 Simple Steps on your existing wordpress website.

Quick checklist before you start:

  • Make sure you’re already in your wordpress dashboard (login at
  • You’ve got your PDF ready to go.

Exporting something to PDF can be tricky in itself, but there’s usually a function under “Export” in most text editors, like Word and Pages. Go Export, then PDF.

There are a couple of ways to change add a PDF within wordpress, but this is simple and only requires basic knowledge of how to use wordpress. So, let’s get going!


1) Find where you want to add the PDF

Just like adding a picture or Embedding a Youtube Video, leave your cursor where you want to directly add the link to the PDF.

  • Drop the cursor where you want the link to appear. Drop this in open space, not highlighting previous text.
  • Click Add Media – this will take you to the Media Library and now you upload your PDF.




2) Upload the PDF to wordpress

Find your PDF file.

  • Upload Files should be highlighted from the Insert Media menu, so you can upload rather than look through your existing Media Library. Check the picture below to be sure.
  • Click Select Files and track down the PDF you want to insert.





3) Select PDF in Media Gallery

  • If you want to change the Title of the PDF, you can do this now and it means you don’t need to do any extra editing later on.
  • Click Insert into Post, at the bottom right of the Media Gallery page.



4) Check you have the link and it’s in the right place.

So you’re all done. Now the link on your wordpress site will let people directly download the PDF. Once you’ve added the PDF link in, make sure you:

  • Click Publish and you’ve updated the site – don’t get caught out by not clicking this!
  • Let everyone know there’s a new PDF to download!


Possible Problems:

  • If your PDF is too large, then wordpress can straight up refuse the file size. There are a few ways around this, but for ease of use, I’d recommend trying to reduce the size of the PDF and then having another go.
  • You can change the Anchor Text (the text that is clickable), by highlighting the text and clicking the small “link” button which looks like a chain on the wordpress editor menu.


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