Facebook Business Page Basics: 6 Tips for Content

You’ve your Facebook Business Page designed, branded and in place. Now what? Welcome to the Quest for Content.

Content Generation is the foundation of your Facebook growth. Building followers for your Facebook Business Page is all about content. Quality content. And Consistent content. This is where these 6 tips will come in handy. These are fast and furious gap fillers and content calendar fuel. If you can work them into an overarching content plan and marketing direction then hey, you’re doing good.

1) Tell people where you are – And when you’re on the job.

A great way to generate local interest and works perfectly with image uploads. Customers want to see you active. Alongside this, you can tag locations of events you’re at, deliveries, events etc.

2) Ask a question / poll – e.g. What do you guys think?

You can ask almost anything here, but be aware that you’re initial reach for this is limited to your followers (if they answer, then it can spread to their friends). Don’t be disheartened by poor poll results. Try and schedule in one poll per week and see what generates interest. Try out business questions and social ones too.

“Ideas come from everything”
― Alfred Hitchcock


3) Occasional promotion – giving a discount in a certain area or for a certain amount of time.

Give a unique FB code for them to quote e.g. FACEBOOKONLYOFFER for 10% off.

4) Lighthearted – probably the scariest of all content categories.

Don’t be afraid to be inventive here. Almost anything mildly related to your business might work on your Facebook Business Page (and other platforms – if you use twitter, try posting the same to both and see where you get the most traction). Memes are a good place to start (original or shared) – try https://imgflip.com/memegenerator to start off. It’s a wild west out there for memes… but an accepted place to begin the lighthearted road.

5) Testimonials – anytime you get great feedback post it on Facebook.

Remember to include names and pics where possible, with permission.

6) Promote other business related to your area – Talk about other local businesses.

Recommend non-competing businesses! In all likelihood, if you tag them (@-then type name), they will respond with return praise/promotion. Collaborate!


These are just the beginning of the Quest for Content for your Facebook Business Page.

If you able to hit one post a day (which is a bit slim, but we’ll sort that out later on this blog), then why not try one of each during a week? That leaves only one day empty for something newsworthy.