Facebook Business Page Basics: 3 Content Strategy Tips

Filling your Facebook Business Page with content is a balancing act of time management, content strategy and actually writing.

To aid you in this endeavour, here are 3 quick tips. These will help you to bring your Facebook Business Page content up to speed with the latest in what is considered sharable. With attention spans dropping and corridors of interest expanding, you have to employ these tricks to help you stay afloat. Of course, there are no golden bullets here, just no nonsense tips to help your content.

1) Very short & very long posts

Accompanied with images or links, these do best on engagement. It might seem odd fitting content to size, but if you’re serious about finding engagement, then give it a go. It’s an art to itself – if you’re familiar with Twitter, then you’re covered for “very short” ideas – try our feed here if you’re not sure: @RightTrackTweet

Very long is the harder of the two. Opinion pieces and longer testimonials work great. Just remember that the attention span is still in play and you have to write well to keep it.

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”
Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

2) Adding personality – ‘I’ ‘we’ in your posts ups engagement.

Talk about who you work with, downtime, family business? Giving your Facebook Business Page personality is a tricky subject. Plan it out before you start and stick to it. It’s much more engaging for the audience, particularly on a social platform like Facebook.

3) Saturday & Sunday sees more engagement, while Thursday sees slight drop-off.

So consider reaching beyond the 9-5 mon-fri work hours. You’d be surprised at the number of SMEs not utilising the power of the weekend for their Facebook Business Page.