Building Followers: 3 Tips for a Facebook Business Page

The early stages of a Facebook Business Page are critical. Building followers in a professional and non-invasive way is tough, but you can achieve it.

There are a lot of Facebook Business Pages out there that are floundering in the first stages of social growth. The immediate family and close friends have liked it and maybe even shared your page on their timelines, but what now?

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Working your existing contacts, both on your Facebook Business Page and through your personal profile, is the first place to start. Try to avoid spamming out to everyone in your list immediately. As with face to face networking, we all appreciate a little bit of timing. Remember that these contacts might be getting updates from your Facebook Business Page for years to come, so use this handy guide and make the most of what you have right in front of you.

So here’s three quick points to help you reach out, in style:

  • 1) Suggest to Friends through your personal profile. This is a powerful tool and is best employed when you see your contact being online. One of our favourite tips to give out is to target when they’re online. Clickthrough rates are far higher if you can time your like-request to hit them when they are on Facebook already. Use the “online-now” tab to get this right.
  • 2) Put links/widgets/QR codes to the Facebook Business Page from your website, email signature, blog, newsletter, business cards, leaflets, promo material, and other social media (Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn). This can be a slog to go through and get this right, but it reaps dividends with ease of access for potential interest. QR codes are perhaps the most difficult to pull off, and it deserves it’s own blog at some point soon. For the time being, use this free QR generator – just copy and paste the URL of your Facebook Business Page.
  • 3) Like other relevant/local business pages as your page. This is another area that deserves a whole blog series, but the guts of the matter is that you have to connect with people in your sphere of influence. Remember to like it as your page, not from your social profile. This includes local businesses, existing customers and competitors. Like/comment/share their content (moderately) and you’ll be surprised at the response. Don’t be weird and bash the door down, just be social *groan*.

Treat your Facebook Business Page like you would any other networking opportunity, because, once we peel away all the coding and mysticism around social media, that’s exactly what it is.