So here we are, on the road to the Blacknight SME Awards. Right Track Media are up for “Company Transformation”…

So why us, and why that category?

The Blacknight SME Awards 2015 have livened up our business calendar, let me tell you. We were happy to be nominated, but happy as pigs in mud that we’re through and we are now officially Finalists!

As some of you might know, we used to be called “Cautious Train Media”. Cautious Train…sounds kooky right? But it was holding back our business. Simple psychology we think, the name inspired caution and restraint. We needed a positive message. We can now get you on the Right Track where your business’ social and online presence is concerned. Since our rebranding (and refocusing of 3 main services; social media training, video, web design) our business has increased by 80%!

Here’s the big three things we changed:

  • Built up from a simple brainstorming session and floating the idea to existing client.s
  • We built on our ‘train’ theme to create a newer and fresher Right Track image – – We’re still a work in progress, always open to change.
  • Cutting down to *specialise* in 3 core services: social media training, video production, web design.




It started with a simple survey of our existing clients and fellow businesses in our network to examine what our name really inspired in them and how it could change. The ball started rolling and suddenly took off – we’d rebranded a little here and there, but never a complete overhaul like this. But Right Track Media’s hour was nigh and we went through a rush of ideas, quick developments and a painful and necessary peeling away of dead wood.

This is why we’re up for Company Transformation. We’ve fallen into the crucible of business rebranding and emerged, much stronger, out the other side.

Alongside us in this category are the similarly-transformative:

  • / Dawson Travel
  • Standun Spiddal
  • Cuckoo Events

Transformers one and all.

There will be more from us on “The Road to the Blacknight SME Awards” in the coming weeks. So keep your eyes peeled and maybe see you in Cork 😉

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