When embarking on a new web design project many questions can arise. Web design is not the simplest process in the world, one reason we hire professional web design companies to do the work for us. However, what you need to supply as a client doesn’t need to be overly complicated.

It’s a good idea for you as a small business to wrap your head around some of the more important elements you need to have on your new website so that it appeals to your visitors and, ultimately, helps convert to sales.


  1. Clear contact information – okay, I know this looks like we’re babysitting you with the obvious but you would be surprised how often this is neglected. Contact info needs to be clear and obvious on your homepage. We would argue this goes across the board for small business but is particularly pertinant for coaches, counsellors, mentors, consultants etc. Basically anyone offering a personal 1-2-1 service. Make sure your web design team implements this and that the contact info is mobile friendly and clickable.
  2. Clear pricing & packaging – a website should not only be inviting and full of personality but you owe it to your client, and will see higher conversion rates, if you are transparent too. Ecommerce websites that sell products online should and will almost always have pricing clearly labelled on site. However, service based businesses, even those that offer bespoke pricing, should really consider having at the very least a “from” pricing structure on their website. This goes for web design agencies too and we walk our talk!
  3. Clear refund & guarantee – really this is most important when selling physical products. You need to a) adhere to the statutory rights of your consumer and b) reassure your customers of the quality of your product with a refund and guarantee policy. Service based businesses can consider this element too for building trust with potential clients. Talk to your web design team about best practice.
  4. Large Call-To-Action button – or, in non web design speak, a button or sign up form that calls on your website visitors to take some action rather than aimlessly browsing. Invite clients to engage with you in a safe and free way. You can incentivise this with all sorts of offerings – free consultations, taster classes, product samples, webinars, downloadable items, discounts etc. This is not a sales pitch but simply a way for visitors to engage with you and for you to either build your email list or start a dialogue with a potential client.
  5. Testimonials – again, some of you will be shouting “no-brainer” at us right now. And again you would be surprised how often this valuable asset is forgotten. This is the quickest and easiest way to build trust with potential clients and customers. Share the impact your product has had with someone or the transformation a client went through with your service. Keep it short, sweet, personal and to the point. You can also include case studies and FAQ’s from previous clients.
  6. About Me/Us WITH photos – this is standard across the board for small business whether you’re a limited company with 20 employees or a sole trader working alone. A short mission statement bio for you or your company should be accompanied by professional images of you / staff (NOT stock photography). Our brand philosophy is to build websites with personality. Something we think all web design agencies should focus on! Your prospective customers want to know they are buying from real human beings. Remember, people by people!
  7. Specific results, benefits, outcomes – the About Me/Us is very important but should never dominate a website. Your homepage shouldn’t be a ramble about who you are and your accolades. Remember that customers are browsing to solve a problem or improve something in their lives with your product or service. How you convert them to buyers is to be clear and obvious about the specific benefits that will result in their life if they work with / buy from you! So, rather than “this widget will make you more organised” try “free up time and space in your life and mind with our amazing widget – live an easier life”.

Got some more ideas about things you think you can’t live without on a website for small business? Hit us up in the comments! And please do share widely with all your small business friends.

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