We’re baaaack. This time we’re unashamed in our use of the C-word. There’s only 6 weeks to go and it’s definitely time to get your website CHRISTMAS READY! Ho, ho, ho…

If you need to catch up on last weeks tips then just click here. If you’re up to speed then read on for 5 more tips to getting your website Christmas ready!

1. Make your checkout SUPER easy to use.

Do you currently need your customers last 3 addresses and blood type to register for check out on your website? It’s time to clean things up because time is of the essence. Don’t loose conversions by having lengthy forms and sign ups. Simplify and facilitate and easy path to payment, which equals money in your account faster. Win:win.

2. Make sure that devilish SEO is up to date.

You want people to be able to find your lovely festive online store before shipping cut offs! Now is the time to give your site a content shake up with a Search Engine Optimisation refresh. Make sure all your keywords and meta data are up to date so that you rank first when someone searched “Funky Christmas Leprechaun“. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Talk to your web company today about website maintenance packages!

3. Create a festive video.

Viral video marketing is particularly effective in the holiday season. You could go simple with an elegant Christmas showcase of your products. Or go bold and sassy with an animated featurette. Bring the laughs and up the sales!

4. Add a gift-wrap function. 

We know this might wreck your head but if you can employ and extra elf this year to help with this and then offer it online for little or nothing extra you won’t be sorry. Lest we sound like a broken record, time really is of the essence and if you can further simplify the process of shopping online you’re sure to attract more customers. Shout about it on social media: ‘We offer FREE gift wrapping this Christmas!’.

5. Make sure your website is lightning fast! 

If you’re already signed up to a website maintenance package then great! Your website shouldn’t have any speed issues. However, if it’s not been updated in a while be aware that slow loading speeds can put customers off in an instant. You’re aiming for 1-3 seconds page load time to ensure you keep people browsing…and buying!

There ya go now. Yes it’s October, yes we’re talking about Christmas. But we’re here to help. So please direct all complaints to:

No. 25 Grinch Alley, Unprepared Road, Bye Bye Christmas Sales-ville

Make My Website Christmas Ready!