We know, we know, we know…you hate us a little bit right now. We brought up the C-Word and it’s only October! But hear us out. We know that you know as a business owner you need to be ahead of the game.

You probably already booked this year’s Christmas party in January because they threw in an extra case of wine! But you also know you need to be ahead of the game in your sales and marketing. So let’s get stuck in to how to make your website chr…chri…chris…CHRISTMAS ready!

1. Enable or update e-commerce.

So apparently the Irish are the most ‘fervent online shoppers’ around. It’s estimated over 40% of people will go online for their Christmas shopping this year. That’s a whopping amount of traffic you could be missing out on by not enabling your e-commerce function on your site.

2. Make sure your site can handle the increased traffic.

So you’ve added e-commerce and you can now start selling your products online for Christmas. 40% of the Irish population are heading your way. Will your website handle the traffic or will it give up the ghost on December 12th? An easy way to ensure this isn’t the case is to get yourself up and running on a website maintenance package. Let the pros handle it and you concentrate on counting the increased cash!

3. Ensure it’s mobile responsive across the board.

All our websites come mobile and tablet responsive as standard. But if you haven’t updated your site in a while this may not be the case. The reason for the important of mobile friendly is twofold: 1. Google now penalise all website that are not responsive as it doesn’t reflect the trends of their users. Bottom line – your lovely products won’t even be found in a Google search. 2. Christmas is a busy time and Paddy might be rushing to get that last minute gift for his granny on the commute home. Paddy’s on his mobile. If you’re not mobile friendly Paddy can’t find you. Paddy goes to Amazon.

4. Install a ‘live chat’ function to handle the extra enquiries. 

Not only is Paddy in so much of a rush he NEEDS your website to be mobile friendly, he also has no time to be calling or emailing with his shipping query. Live chat is a simple and easy add on for your website that could seriously improve your sales around the holiday period.

5. Throw on the tinsel! 

If you have a bricks and mortar shop we KNOW the tinsel’s up and Rudolph is proudly displaying his shiny nose in your window decal. So why not do the same for your website. A banner here and there, some festive baubles…unless you’re some kind of grinch we know you know this stuff sells.

No, we don’t regret it. You may not be hanging the mistletoe at home but we know you’re thinking of your Christmas sales! We’re here to help with handy tips on how to get your website Christmas ready. We’ll be back next week with 5 more tips, with bells, whistles and santa hats on 🙂

Make My Website Christmas Ready!