Welcome back to our new blog series where we’re dishing on some of our closely guarded Social Media Marketing tips. 

Why are we giving out these tips for nothing? Because we want to see your business grow the way ours has using some of these simple to follow steps.

These blogs will have a focus on using social media marketing with zero to micro budgets for those of you getting started! Keep reading for the deets…

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is relevant in Social Media Marketing too! So don’t forget to keyword your posts. Better still, use the keywords and #hashtags relevant to your business but ALWAYS remember to link to your website in your posts.

  2. Stuck for content ideas? Post your blogs! To some this may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people are forgetting to tell people about their blogs. Yes, of course it is possible that readers will stumble across it in a Google search, especially if you’ve keyworded correctly. But don’t neglect your existing following on social media. They may not yet have converted into blog readers/subscribers because they don’t even know it exists! Breaking up your blog into bitesize chunks for social media marketing is also a great content cheat when you’re struggling to find great ideas.

  3. Can people find you on Social Media? Have you leveraged your existing communications or promotional material to link back to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.? The easiest way to do this is to make sure your links are on your email signature, business cards, flyers, website, newsletter, shop front etc.

  4. qrcode.33500568Use QR codes! What’s that? Ok, if you don’t already know what those little black and white boxes are on promotional materials, they are a device readable code that contain URL’s (links) to webpages or social media profiles. Anyone with a smart phone and a QR reader app can follow the link by scanning the code at the click of a button. By adding these to your existing promo items (business cards, flyers etc.) you’re allowing potential followers to find you on social media in one easy step. It’s super easy to create one. Here’s just one site that guides you through: www.qrstuff.com

  5. Engage with other businesses! This is especially relevant for you B2B companies out there! You should be engaging with your potential clients across the board in your social media marketing. In Twitter, it’s easy. You need to be ReTweeting content you find interesting and relevant and @mentioning the user in your posts. Facebook is a little trickier. When you’re logged into your Facebook Business Page you will see a tab (see img. below) that says “View Pages Feed”. Click here and you will have a newsfeed from every page you follow. In moderation, you want to be commenting, liking and sharing. Think “engagement”, not “sales”



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