We’re starting up a brand new blog series here to deliver out some social media marketing for your business. 

Over the course of building up our business, especially in the early days, we relied heavily on social media marketing to spread the word about our services. In the early days we also didn’t have much of a budget. So these blogs will have a focus on using social media marketing with zero-micro budgets for those of you getting started! Keep reading for the deets…

  1. Images do best in social media marketing. Think about it, what’s more engaging, endless text or one catchy image illustrating a point? Try and turn your post into an eye-catching infographic. Even if you’re not a design whizz there are some easy free infographic creators out there. Canva is super easy to use! This works across the board from Facebook to Twitter.

  2. Add “personality” to your posts. Even though you’re posting on behalf of your business is it still a good idea to use first person “I” and “we”. It humanises your marketing, make you more relatable and definitely increases engagement.

  3. Did you know, #hashtags work on Facebook too? This isn’t exactly brand new news, but many people still don’t know the hashtag has moved beyond just Twitter. It’s an easy way to make your social media marketing more searchable by connecting posts to a wider conversation using a #hashtag

  4. N.B. Please follow the 80/20 rule! We’re not referring here to the original 80/20 rule of sales (where 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers), although also worth bearing in mind. No this 80/20 rule applies to the content your posting in your social media marketing. Think about it, do you log in to Facebook or Twitter to see a barrage of sales posts? Didn’t think so. Always keep your target audience in mind and realise that your posts should reflect about 80% interesting, thought provoking or useful content and 20% sales and promotional. This is probably one of the most important tips to remember.

  5. Include calls-to-action! For the more promotional posts think about using more verbs e.g. tell us what you think, please share, sign up today… It’s about incentivising as well. Offer something – discount or a freebie – along with your call-to-action. 

As you can see we’re keeping it short and sweet, another good rule of the thumb in your social media marketing! Don’t overwhelm with paragraphs of text. Keep it eye-catching and succinct.


Until next time, social media marketers. Oh, and if you want more tips to your inbox as well as regular discounts and offers, sign up here for our newsletter! (see what we did there!)

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