There are a myriad of reasons why you should avoid the “freebie” website templates and opt instead for a customised, bespoke built website for your business.

We’re going to take you through these reasons, 5 at a time, in our upcoming Blog series. Let’s get straight into it; here are your first 5 reasons to have a bespoke built website.

1. First impressions are everything!

How seriously can a prospective client take you and your business if the first thing they notice about your website is that it’s a free template (and they WILL notice)? Investing in your business, including having a bespoke built website, sends a strong message that you’re a professional who’s serious about what they do.

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Nowadays, search engines like Google really only give the time of day to websites with paid domains and unique content. Another valid reason to avoid the freebie or template model. If you’re not being found in search results, what is the point in having a website? Invest a small amount in hosting your website (we recommend Irish provider Blacknight) and hire professional web designers with a body of quality work and clients to create an original, bespoke built website that is unique to your business.

3. No domain transfer fuss

Companies who offer “totally free websites” are definitely not serving up a free lunch. Maybe you’re thinking it’s a good idea to get a free website now then upgrade down the line. We’ve been there – it can be a huge hassle to extract your domain from whoever you signed up with for a “freebie” or even a low cost template. They usually expect some form of release fee, as they would have outlined in their T&C’s (yep, the fine print!). It’s advisable to hold off and save up a little to invest in a bespoke built site then having to navigate this potential minefield down the line.

4Flexibility in design and functions

This one is sort of obvious, but still people find themselves lured in by the freebie. Owning your own domain name and having a professional web developer design and develop a bespoke built website for you will allow so much more room for customisation. Logos in the right place, branded to your business, unique… you want your website to stand out, not look like 1000’s of others!

5. Better analytics

Most free websites don’t come with any sort of analytics and even the templates that do have been reported as using outdated technologies. You want to know where your traffic is coming from, where on your website it’s going and adapt your site accordingly. The best, and really the only effective way of doing this is to have proper analytics installed on a bespoke built website and operated by a professional who will deliver you regular reports.

So, there are your first 5 reasons to have a bespoke built website for your business. We’ll keep updating you regularly with 5 more reasons, so watch this space.

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Your Right Track Team