There are a myriad of reasons why you should avoid the “freebie” website templates and opt instead for a customised, bespoke built website for your business.

We’re taking you through these reasons, 5 at a time, in our ongoing Blog series. This week we’re doling out another 5 reasons to have a bespoke built website. If you missed part 1 of this series then click here.

1. Your Website URL Will Be “On-Brand”

It’s not going to look very professional if your website address (URL) reads We all know how important our business identity, or brand, is and a “freebie” web address is not going to look very good on a business card! With a bespoke built website you can brand your website with a custom URL: 

2. No Unwanted Or Irrelevant Ads 

With a free template your bound to face large banner ads on your website announcing your website as “built with this freebie template, click here to get your own”. Speaks for itself really. A decent web designer will put their name in fine print at the foot of your website and let the bespoke built design speak for itself.

3. Better Support

With a free DIY website you get exactly what you pay for – if you’re paying nothing you’ll get zero support. With a bespoke built website from a professional web design company you will have ongoing access to support and maintenance. You’ll be able to put a face to a name, so we advise “shop local”! It’s imperative to meet with your designer to lay down the plans for your website in advance.

4A Mobile And Tablet Friendly Website

Most bespoke built websites will now come responsive to various mobile devices (all our website builds are mobile responsive as standard). This isn’t often the case with the free templates. Think about it, they don’t want to give you something for nothing. More often than not it comes as a “paid extra”, if at all. With mobile usage skyrocketing and Google’s recent “mobilegeddon” it’s now more important than ever to ensure your website is mobile responsive. 

5. Recurring Retainers

Say for example you go for a website template based on a paid subscription. You may be getting some additional extras here (reduced ads, basic support etc.) but you will be paying this retainer on an ongoing basis for as long as you want a website. If you go for a bespoke built website you’ll pay a one-off fee (not taking into account hosting and domain name charges) and won’t be tied into any kind of long-running retainer. You will only pay a fee again if and when you’d like an update in the design or functionality of your website.

So there we have another 5 reasons to have a bespoke built website for your business. This is an ongoing series where we’ll keep you updated with more reasons why we think this is the best option for your business. Is there anything else you’d like us to write about? Let us know in the comments!

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Your Right Track Team