This is a new blog series talking about ecommerce website ideas, tips and quick tricks to help you sell online.

Ecommerce website traffic is booming in Ireland, particularly with the Online Trading Vouchers enabling businesses to make a big saving on the project (click here for more info on online trading vouchers).

So we wanted to jump in and give a few quick tips to on how to improve your existing ecommerce website, or points to bear in mind if you’re about to set out on the grand adventure of selling online.

  1. If you don’t have product images, get some. This seems like a no brainer, but it’s absolutely essential to your e-commerce store. And not just for the physical products either – customers want to see images attached to services.
  2. Add “personality” to your products. If you’re able to add some level of description or character to a product, go for it. This might be hard if you’re describing a pack of envelopes (no offence envelope sellers), but there are lots of ways to add fragments of interest that customers can pick up upon. If the product is capable of being used for a second purpose, mention it! If the product is remarked on for being a bold design, mention it!
  3. Choose your related products carefully. The option to include Related Products is a big selling opportunity for your online storefront. It’s a huge step beyond the bricks and mortar upselling because your related products can be dynamic, responding to searches, items in carts, possible extras to add on to existing products and loads more. It can’t be underestimated as a potential tool for your business. Plan ahead, learn how to get the options sorted and watch your cart cost start to edge up.
  4. Consider how to make your product page Shareable. Pinterest has a brilliant ability to turn your pinned images from your site into shareable pictures, loaded with your product data and, most importantly, links directly back to your product page. It’s easy to include these kind of shareable options and if repinned, can have impressive results on social traffic arriving on your ecommerce website.
  5. Include calls-to-action on the product page! For all the customers out there who might look at a page and be indecisive (there are a lot of them), then it works very well to have a call to action of some kind on each product page – this should be a contact us, but you can get creative here.

Short. Sweet. Actionable.


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