So, here we have part two of our reasons to have a website maintenance package. If you missed part one click here.

Still not sure about investing in a website maintenance package? Read on…

We’re spelling out 4 more reasons for your business to make the investment into a website maintenance package. In case you weren’t convinced last week 😉

1. Cost Saving.

This logic is pretty clear. Should your website suffer a catastrophic crash or hack, getting it back up and running and online can be very costly – as much as, if not more than, what it cost to build the website in the first place. Another cost issue could be in the hacking of payments info – if this happens you, or worse your customers, could be down thousands of €€€’s before you even know what’s happened. This is unlikely to impossible to happen if security checks and backups are regularly performed with a website maintenance package.

2. Increase Website Traffic and SEO.

Modern websites cannot be static – they are living breathing entities that need to remain dynamic. This biggest hit you will take by not keeping your website updated and changing will be to your website visitors and SEO (search engine optimisation). Don’t see your website rapidly drop down the Google ranking by leaving it static.

3. Reflect Company Changes.

As a business owner we’re 100% sure you can attest to your business constantly changing and evolving. It’s what keeps it fresh and dynamic. With regular updates you can reflect this on your website. Don’t have your last blog post be from 2015. Don’t let customers think that last big news the company had was in 2012. This one is something you can do yourself with regular blog posts. However, if you’re struggling to find the time to keep on top of this a good website maintenance package with content updates will have you covered.

4. Insights and Improvements.

We also believe that, as standard, every website maintenance package should come with Google analytics reports. These are plain English assessments that give you a window into the behind-the-scenes of your website. It is the single most valuable way to keep your website fresh and up to date as you will be able to see where visitors are clicking, where they’re drop off and what areas need the most improvement.

As a business we realise what drives your business is sales. In 2016 your website should really be one of your top 3 most important sales tools. Would you leave your car unserviced, your house uncleaned, your health unchecked or your business out of date? Start showing your website the love it deserves today with a regular website maintenance package!

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