As a business, your website is so important to you and your sales. You keep your other marketing efforts fresh and current; your website needs to stay up to date too. You keep your office secure with locks on doors, security cameras, computer antivirus; the same should go for your website. You keep all your valuable documents backed up; when was the last time your website was backed up?

Still not sure about investing in a website maintenance package? Read on…

We often have many questions from clients wondering why they should invest in a website maintenance package now that their website is up and running. We we’ve boiled it down to 4 big reasons why a website maintenance package is important to your business.

1. Security Updates

A few years ago Forbes released a report that stated around 30,000 websites are hacked every single year. Now you may think you’re small fry and your business website isn’t worth hacking, but hackers don’t discriminate. If they think they can get access to your customers, payments information and more they will give it a shot. Security updates should come as standard with any basic website maintenance package and you can rest easy that your website will have the highest level of protection.

2. Regular Website Backups.

Most businesses in this day and age will backup all important files and documents either to physical hard drives or, more often than not, the cloud. The same has to be said for your website. Treat it as another very important (very large and complex) file. Just like your computer, your website can also crash. It can be catastrophic, not to mention very costly, to your business if all your website data is lost without a backup. Again, this should come as standard with any website maintenance package.

3. Improved Website Speed

Your website can get clogged up fairly quickly if not regularly maintained and updated. In 2016 loading times should not exceed 1-3 seconds or you could be losing customers. As standard having your website professionally maintained will ensure it stays on top of its game in the speed department.

4. WordPress and Plugin Updates

WordPress updates its CMS platform and associated features on a regular basis. It is recommended that to keep on top of this your website and all associated plugins are updated at least once a month. If this is ignored you could end up with sluggish loading speeds, broken links and malfunctioning elements right across your website.

As a business we realise what drives your business is sales. In 2016 your website should really be one of your top 3 most important sales tools. Would you leave your car unserviced, your house uncleaned, your health unchecked or your business out of date? Start showing your website the love it deserves today with a regular website maintenance package!

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