Content is King on Social Media and no more so than on Facebook. Rich Media is your best for for clicks, shares, comments and likes. Rich Media can be any kind of post that includes an image, video or link preview.

Below we’re going to give you 4 super suggestions for content ideas for Facebook posts. Ideal for those days where you’re suffering a drought of content ideas.

Small businesses of Ireland – listen up!

Use Links In Your Facebook Posts!

Particularly useful when you’ve run out of your own Blog posts or content to share.

Link to a compelling article related to your industry. Facebook automatically creates a great link preview with images and text. If you’re feeling really lazy, you needn’t bother writing any text (but it’s always a good idea to introduce, and keyword (!), your links.

  • Links to news items
  • Links to an article or post if interest to your audience
  • Link to your own website or blog (great for SEO!)

Links are a compelling and visually engaging piece and go a long way in helping fill out your content ideas for Facebook posts. Never again be stuck for content ideas!
Content Ideas for you Facebook Posts Business Page

Use Images In Your Facebook Posts

This needs to become a no-brainer really. As content goes, images, or Rich Media, are gold for engagement.

If not posting a link, which automatically generates an image, accompany all posts with an image.

As far a content ideas for Facebook go, think visual…ALWAYS!

  • Images, or rich media, can be stills or video links
  • Post images of products or services
  • Images of satisfied clients
  • Inspiration or motivational (it works on engagement, we promise)
  • And remember, keep the accompanying text short and succinct

Check out places like or for sourcing copyright free images (never, ever simply download copyrighted images from Google)

Content Ideas for you Facebook Posts Business

Give Your Audience A Voice

We’re all quite self-centred beings in the end of the day. People love talking and debating, no more so than on Social Media and Facebook.

So when you’ve run out of content ideas for Facebook posts, turn to your audience. Start a conversation!

  • Ask a question or start a poll
  • How about a caption contest
  • Ask for audience input on a new product or design
  • Encourage client feedback or reviews through a Facebook post
  • Use a unique #hashtag to connect the conversation

Remember, while you want to start a conversation in this type of Facebook post, keep away from anything controversial or negative.Content Ideas for you Facebook Posts Business Page Social

Exclusive Facebook Discounts and Offers

Make your fans feel special with this easy content idea for your next Facebook post!

It will definitely up your engagement stats and, if shared, could increase your brands exposure on Facebook.

  • Create a unique promotional code for Facebook Fans (FBONLYDISCOUNT2015)
  • Include clear Calls To Actions (CTA’s) e.g. click here, send us a mail, sign up for our newsletter
  • Quick Tip: buy-one-get-one-free gets large amount of shares!

This content idea makes for a great, and highly engaging, Facebook post. But don’t over-do it.

Always bear in mind that users are primarily on Facebook for social engagement, and not to be “sold to”. You can throw in the odd promotion here and there, but make your customers feels valued as you do. Follow the 80-20 rule with all your content on Social Media and in Facebook posts: 80% engaging and interesting content : 20% persuasive Calls To Action and promotion.Content Ideas for you Facebook Posts Business Page Video

’Til next time Facebookers!

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