Ahoy again small business of Ireland! We’re an SME, you’re an SME, and our SME wants to help your SME.

Have you thought about using Twitter for small business but felt overwhelmed anytime you’ve tried to log on? Don’t know where to start or don’t think it’s for your business? Let us try and change your mind! Below are 10 awesome strengths of Twitter and why we think your SME should be using it.

Twitter is excellent for instant, real-time interaction

Whether it’s a customer service query, a complaint (hey, it happens!) or just general online chit chat about your brand, Twitter is absolutely one of the best, and quickest, ways to connect with your customers directly.

Twitter is the perfect platform for breaking news

Do you work in tech and is there a big breakthrough news story? You’ll hear about it first on Twitter! You’re a beauty company wanting to stay on top of the latest trends and style do’s and don’t’s? You’ll hear about it first on Twitter! Or are you a florist trying to keep on top of the latest wedding events and trade shows? You will hear about it first on Twitter! Trust us. Give it a go, log on today and see what you find out. A great way to get news related to your industry and to share exciting updates.

Twitter is ideal for events, offers & contests

Are you holding an exciting upcoming event? There really is no better place on the web to get the word out there. Create a unique #hashtag for your event and market it before and during (live-Tweeting) your event. Want to hold a flash sale or quick contest – Tweet it! See the engagement rise #Win

Twitter is simple to use, succinct and to the point

It may seem an overwhelming amount of noise when you first log in, but really Twitter is the simplest Social Network to get started with. Sign up, log in, follow people, gain followers back, Tweet! Plus, you only have 140 characters to get your message across. This micro-blogging format does not beat around the bush.

Twitter has over 240 million active users

Kind of speaks for itself really! But, before you freak out, you don’t have to listen to all 240 million…and they don’t have to listen to you. Find your niche.

Twitter for Small Business works well for both B2C and B2B customers

Unlike Facebook, which is primarily a B2B platform, Twitter bridges this divide. If you’re B2C on Twitter, think customer services, sales & discounts, competitions. If you’re in the B2B market start following businesses you’d like to target, engage with potential clients.

Twitter allows you to quickly and easily address customer service issues

Back to those dreaded complaints 🙁 Twitter allows you to respond in real time and publicly to any complaints or issues from clients. But remember, it is public! So behave yourself, remain professional and always find a solution for the customer.

Twitter allows you to instantly share reviews, testimonials and feedback

And now for the positive side of customer service. Using your 140 characters wisely, and including images where possible, you start to craft great brand awareness and trust by instantly Tweeting great feedback.

Twitter for Small Business is great for simply and quickly making new contacts

This is a brilliant one for the B2B side of things. You can immediately start following companies you’d like to work with and engage with their content. Also, followers influencers on Twitter; experts in your industry who will provide you with a wealth of content to share (ReTweet). Just don’t be pushy! Play it cool 🙂

Twitter’s greatest asset is the ability to start a conversation

Although it has migrated to other platforms, the #hashtag was born on Twitter and is still the     most at home here. You can very quickly start to grow brand awareness through engaging     with customers and starting a conversation using a unique #hashtag. Don’t forget to jump on trending topics too – if the Rugby World Cup (#RWC2015) is relevant to your business, start Tweeting!

Have we given you enough? We could roll out another 10 (honestly) but we truly believe the above should convince you to start using Twitter for your small business today!

Did you know, we can help Irish Small Businesses with a whole host of digital marketing activity. Whether you’re a brand new business in need of a Startup Package or are established and looking to apply for the Online Trading Voucher scheme from your Local Enterprise Office, just drop us a line today and we’ll sort you out.